MP3 Rocket

MP3 Rocket 5.1.9

LimeWire-based file sharing network


  • Tabbed interface
  • Easy to navigate and search


  • Searches don't return results

Not good

MP3 Rocket is a Gnutella and BitTorrent-compatible P2P network that allows you to download, watch and listen to free music, film and video.

MP3 Rocket is very similar to FrostWire and the now-defunct LimeWire, so if you are familiar with them, using the app will be a piece of cake. Even if you are not, it’s an easy-to-use application and suitable for anyone who wants to start downloading movies, music and other content – as long as there are no copyright issues, of course!

MP3 Rocket is based on tabs that allow you to quickly access the search engine, lists of popular files and torrents, your library of shared files and even online TV, radio, games and chat. MP3 Rocket can also be used as an audio and video player, but judged on these features it’s not very interesting and offers nothing that really make it stand out.

However, the main problem with MP3 Rocket is that it simply doesn't work properly. Although it installs fine in Lion, searches fail to return any results with a message informing users that a Firewall may be blocking communication with the server.

MP3 Rocket is a rather outdated way to get your music but still remains a popular app on Windows, although the Mac version doesn't seem to work properly.

MP3 Rocket


MP3 Rocket 5.1.9

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