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MP3 Rockethelp and info

  • What is MP3 Rocket?

    This is special software that can be used to download music videos and other types of videos from YouTube. The programme comes complete with a special MP3 converter that makes it easy for users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files so that they can be played on a wide range of devices.

  • Is MP3 Rocket Safe to Use?

    In and of itself, the software is safe and free from viruses. However, caution should be used when selecting which YouTube videos to download as some may contain viruses or be copyrighted so that permission is either limited or entirely reserved.

  • Is MP3 Rocket Free?

    The Basic version of the programme is available to download and use free of charge. The free version limits audio to 256kbps and only offers support through forums, while only standard network connections are supported with this version. People who find that they need extra options should check out the Pro version of the programme.

  • What is MP3 Rocket Pro?

    This version of the programme is available on a subscription only basis, which means that it is necessary to pay a fee in order to use it. People who choose to use to Pro version are provided with unlimited content and the ability to download up to four million songs via Creative Commons.

  • Is MP3 Rocket Legal?

    While there may be certain legal issues with downloading music and videos from certain sources, the creators of this programme state that using it is completely legal. This is due to the fact that users do not actually obtain copies of the music they download, which is illegal.

  • Can MP3 Rocket Downloads be Installed to an MP3 Player?

    It is fairly quick and easy to transfer videos that have been downloaded with the programme to an MP3 player. The method of installing files will depend on the type of MP3 player that is being used, but generally speaking, users need to create a new folder in their MP3 library, click on the files they wish to transfer and move those files.

  • Does MP3 Rocket Use an Internet Connection?

    Users need to be connected to the internet in order to use the programme. All of the features that are included in the programme require an internet connection and people who are not connected to the internet will not be able to gain access to the programme.

  • Why do MP3 Rocket Downloads Stop Playing?

    From time to time, users may notice that a video skips or stops completely during playback. This is because it was downloaded at an unsupported bitrate and the problem can be rectified by downloading the video again at a bitrate of 160kbps or less.

  • Does Mp3 Rocket Work with iTunes?

    The programme is fully compatible with iTunes and all of the videos that are downloaded via the file sharing function can be played with iTunes. To do this, users simply need to open their iTunes library, create a new folder and transfer the files that they wish to gain access to one by one.

  • How Can MP3 Rocket be Uninstalled?

    Uninstalling the programme is fairly quick and easy. Simply go to the Add or Remove Programs setting, select MP3 Rocket in the programme list and then click on either Change/Remove or Uninstall.