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  • Is it illegal to download songs from MP3 Rocket?

    It depends on which songs you download because many of the songs are uploaded by other users. If you buy the paid version of MP3 Rocket, then you gain access to 4 million Creative Commons songs, but those same songs are on YouTube. Some of the songs on the network are there illegally because the uploaders do not own the copyrights to those songs, and others are free to download legally.

  • Why does the app crash or stop working for no reason?

    Both the free version of MP3 Rocket and the paid version are very unstable. Most people experience regular problems. You have to stop the program and shut it down, usually with your task manager. Once you restart the app, it should work normally again. If it does not, then you will need to restart your device and then restart your app.

  • How do I generate more accurate results in the search bar?

    The sad fact is that the search bar and the way that files are indexed is very poorly written, which often means that finding the files you want is tricky. You will either have to keep searching and hope for the best, or maybe ask people online if they know of a file that has been shared so that they may direct you towards it.

  • How do turbo-charged/accelerated downloads work?

    Regular downloading includes downloading a chunk of a file, and then the next chunk and then the next chunk in sequence. The accelerated/turbo-charged download takes up between two and five positions within the file and starts downloading from each position, which means downloads may be up to five times faster than regular downloading.

  • Why does it trigger my antivirus program when I try to connect?

    You have to connect to a network that is open to attack and that does leave your computer/device vulnerable. Your antivirus program is simply warning you of that fact, and it is up to you if you take the risk. You should be able to stop your antivirus program from blocking MP3 Rocket as many of them give you the option as a pop-up notification.

  • Is it free to download and use?

    The basic version is free to download and use, but the quality of the audio files is limited. To gain full access to all the features, you will need to pay.

  • Do I have to register to use MP3 Rocket?

    If you download and use the free version of MP3 Rocket, then you may do so without having to register. If you pay for the Pro version, then you need to create an account and enter your payment details too.

  • Why does the free version only offer low quality music?

    As a way of making you pay to use the MP3 Rocket software, the free program only gives you audio limited to 256 kbps. You have to pay to gain access to better quality music. If you truly prefer MP3 Rocket to other programs such as BitTorrent, then you should download the free version of Rocket and try it out first to see if it works on your device before you pay for the Pro version.

  • Why do I need to be 18yrs old to buy the Pro version of this program?

    There are numerous reasons, but the biggest is because it covers the company from being sued for whatever mischief a user gets up to as a paid subscriber. It allows the company to take some responsibility and lead the police/authorities in your direction if illegal activities start happening. It would look pretty bad if their biggest pirate uploader was a 13-year-old boy who the authorities were unable to prosecute.

  • How come MP3 Rocket cannot connect to the Internet?

    There are numerous reasons why your version of MP3 Rocket will not connect to the Internet, with the most common being that your malware protection will not allow you to connect. Some people simply cannot connect for unknown reasons, which is why you should try the free version before you pay for the paid version.